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Have you recently lost a loved one? Are you finding it difficult to go through the funeral demands and processes?  This is only normal. The death of a loved one can be a very difficult time in the life of anyone. The funeral planning and arrangements are even more difficult to go through especially as it demands a lot of effort and focus.

Our experts at A Direct Cremation understand how challenging planning for a funeral service can be after the loss of a loved one. This is why we are the compassionate cremation service near you. Residents of Rutherford and Oakville can now enjoy our low-cost cremation service in North California – designed to assist you through the pre-planning funeral process until the arrangements are well in place.

Cremation is increasingly becoming a preferred option for many in our society today. With our over 10 years of experience in serving families in Northern California, we have realized that many people are more comfortable with a simple, personalized funeral service – with their friends, family, and clergy, and as such, there is hardly any need for the added expenses associated with a traditional burial. At A Direct Cremation, we understand, respect, and support your decisions. Our goal is to provide direct cremations in Rutherford and Oakville and with our over 10 years of experience in the funeral industry, we serve families in North California with simple, affordable, and dignified cremation service.

Life events such as vacations and weddings are easily top on the agenda of many people. However, our experience has revealed that many persons do not plan for something that is a certainty – their funeral. While most people may not want to think so much about their own mortality, it is best to pre-plan your funeral now so the process is a lot smoother.

We understand how difficult the death of a loved one can be, and as such, our compassionate professionals guide you through every step involved in the cremation process, from the pre-planning to the care and preparation of the body. Our cremation service is designed to reflect the qualities of the individual, to fit your ethnic traditions, and religious preferences.

Are you on a budget? No worries! From $698, you can select any of the packages that fit your specific needs. You can find a variety of options @ www.adirectcremation.com. All you need do is pick a cremation package online and after three easy steps, you would have selected a package that perfectly fits your needs and that of your family.

Call us today and speak with one of our Arrangement Counselors who will answer any questions that you may have.

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