Common Questions

Common Questions

Why are our prices so affordable?

We are providing this service for families that need a dignified disposition at the most affordable price. This service is completed exclusively by email or fax.

Is the cremation done locally and by whom?

The cremation is done locally at our family owned and operated crematorium, A Bay Area Crematory  (CR273), by certified trained staff. All staff members are employed by our Company. Our cremation process and facility is the most advanced and efficient in the industry.

What happens to your loved one?

After the administrative paperwork is complete, we will bring your loved one into our care. When in our care, your loved one will be placed at one of our state-approved climate-controlled environments in San Mateo or San Joaquin County and will be sheltered until the approval is given for cremation.

What happens if a death occurs in a remote city?

We will be able to perform this complete process provided that your loved one has passed and is at a hospital or medical examiner/coroner’s office, nursing facility or residence in the counties listed on the home page of our website.

How quickly will the cremation occur?

Under normal circumstances, the cremation process should be completed within 8 business days.

Can I visit your facility?

Our licensed facility is located at 1189B Oddstad Dr. in Redwood City. We are unable to meet with visitors at this location in an effort to keep the costs reasonable for you, the customer.

How will I know that my paperwork has been received?

Our staff will call or email by the following business day. If there has been no contact by the end of the next business day, please check in with us to ensure that paperwork was received by our staff.

Do you transport decedents from a residence or convalescent home?

Yes, your loved one will be brought into our care immediately and our staff will follow up with the administrative paperwork and secure payment.  There is an additional fee of $250 to transport from a residence or nursing facility.

Where is my loved one going?

Depending  on location at time of death your loved one will go to one of our licensed facilities in San Mateo or San Joaquin Counties.

Can I view my loved one prior to cremation?

Yes. Please contact our Arrangement Counselor at 877-938-0672 for additional information.