Cremation Benefits for American Veterans

March 16, 2018

We all love our veterans. Whether they are on active duty or retired, veterans hold a special place in every American’s heart as they sacrifice almost everything for the love of our great country. As such, the US government should honor the veterans when they are alive and even after they are have passed. When a veteran death occurs, it is the duty of the government to give him/her a fitting send-off. This is done through the Veterans Affairs Department. With the rising popularity of cremation in America, many veterans are choosing cremation as their preferred method of funerals. The following are some of the veteran benefits that they are entitled to if they choose cremation;

1. Reimbursement of Veteran Cremation Expenses

Depending on the veteran and circumstances related to his/her death, the following may apply in relation to reimbursement:

A. For honorably discharged vets, $300 is available for reimbursement if any of these conditions are met;

– Veterans who were receiving disability benefits or pension from the V.A when they died.

– If the veteran died while getting treated in a Veterans hospital or nursing home, or a VA contracted healthcare facility.

B. $2000 is available for reimbursement if any of these conditions are met;

– If the veteran’s death occurred during active duty.

– If a vet who was honorably discharged died as a result of an injury sustained during active duty.

C. Honorably discharged veterans who are not interred in any US government cemetery are entitled to $300 Allowance for the Burial Plot. However, the Veteran must have been receiving disability benefits or pension from the VA when they died; or the death took place in a VA healthcare facility.

D. Transport allowance for the following;

– Transport expenses from the location where Veteran died to the crematorium if the Veteran died while receiving treatment at any V.A healthcare facility or a military hospital for active duty and retired personnel.

– Transport expenses from the cremation facility to any Veterans’ National Cemetery.

2. Interment in one of the National Cemeteries

The Veterans Administration National Cemetery System provides free grave space for the interment of the veteran’s cremated remains in any of the numerous VA National cemeteries in the US. All honorably discharged vets, their minor children, and spouses who were cremated can be interred in the national cemetery. The remains can be interred in a columbarium, an in-ground grave, or a garden niche depending on the family’s choice and availability of the option.

Most cremation societies arrange the internment as part of their service. The family just needs to submit a military discharge document copy or Form DD 214 to the cremation society which then forwards the same to the director of the cemetery so that a date for the internment can be set. After verification of eligibility, the veteran’s cremated remains can be hand delivered or directly shipped to the cemetery via the postal service either by the veteran’s family or cremation society.

3. Military Honors

Our National Defense Act grants cost-free military honors for eligible veterans are available to families who request them. The Act requires that a military honor ceremony that consists of presentation and folding of the flag and playing of Taps. This should be done by at least two uniformed military members, with either of them representing the fallen veteran’s branch. A rifle Volley may be included in some cases.

4. Headstones, Monuments, and Markers

If the veteran funeral is held in a US National Veterans’ Cemetery, a free marble or granite headstone or a granite, bronze, or marble marker. If the burial is at a non-governmental cemetery, the VA provides a free headstone that meets the cemetery requirements. A memorial monument for veterans whose cremation remains were scattered is also provided.

5. Special Programs by Cremation Societies

Many cremation societies offer discounts and other veteran benefits to those who served in the military as a tribute to their sacrifice.

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