Cremation Services vs Funeral Services

June 30, 2019

Cremation Services vs Funeral Services? One of the biggest decisions you can make when you are alive is deciding how you would like your last day on earth to be- how you want your funeral to be conducted. With low cost cremation services offered at $698 through it is easy to see why more and more people are switching to cremation.

Do you want to go the traditional way of being buried or the modernized way of cremation? The truth is that both are difficult decisions. There are pros and cons to both. The decision to choose between cremation services vs funeral services will come down to what you feel is right for you and your beloved family.

When it comes to Cremation Services vs Funeral Services, cremation is becoming a popular way of saying goodbye to loved ones because of technological, environmental, and philosophical reasons. For instance, rapid industrialization has made land scarce, and thus, there is a need for more land. Also, there are concerns about public hygiene because corpses are buried not far from the earth surface.

Besides, advancement in technology has led to the invention of better cremation equipment that reduces the body to its rudimental elements. According to a report by National Funeral Directors Association’s (NFDA), there has been steady growth of cremation rate from 48.6% in 2015, and the rate is expected to hit 78.5% by 2035. The rate of cremation in the US has surpassed the rate of burials, and the trend is expected to rise. Though funeral services have surpassed cremation services that is set to change due to the outweighing benefits of cremation services vs funeral services. These statistics indicate that close to half of the population is leaning towards being cremated and that’s why we, adirectcremation, are here to offer you the most affordable and best cremation services in Bay Area.

Let’s now see how cremation services compare to burial services. Cremation Services vs. Funeral Services Cremation reduces the body to its rudimentary elements within a few hours, whereas when you bury a loved one, it takes years before the body undergoes through the natural decomposition process. For some people, they would prefer and respect the natural process of allowing the body to decompose instead of hurrying the process while for others, cremation signifies respect. In terms of cost, cremation has the upper hand when compared to direct burials as the body doesn’t require embalming. Adirectcremation offers cremation services at a flat cost of $689.

In fact, for as low as $698, you can have your loved one given the best sendoff they wished thanks to adirectcremation services. Where as funeral services can be in the upward range of a couple thousand dollars. In terms of saving space, cremation takes another point. Another big selling point of cremation is that families are constantly moving around and cremation gives them the flexibility to be close to their loved one that has passed. Where as with burial, one is not able to take their loved one with them. Either way there are a lot of differences from cremation services vs funeral services.

For those who have already decided that they want themselves to be cremated after death, you can do so in writing and provide copies of the wishes to your relatives. You can also pre-plan your cremation through adirectcremation to make it easier for your loved ones with.

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Our hope is that we have given you an insight of the differences between cremation services vs funeral services. If you are looking for low cost cremation services in the bay area, we are here for you. Give adirectcremation a call at 1-877-938-0672 for a $698 cremation. We will be happy to help you have a smooth, peaceful sendoff for your loved one.