Direct Cremation: An Honorable Choice for the Budget Conscious

April 06, 2018

Death is one of those things that most people don’t want to think about, let alone talk about. It is something that you cannot get away from, so when it comes the time to plan your end of life services or if you are planning the end of life services of another, you might suffer from sticker shock. The fact is the average cost of the funeral have gone up, and most people aren’t sure how to have an affordable funeral service that will honor the deceased while not breaking the bank.

If you are looking for an honorable way to have an affordable funeral without all of the cost that will allow you to go broke, you might want to think about direct cremation services. A direct cremation is different in that you aren’t going to have the body prepared for viewing and it will not be buried. It is these expenses that often add up so that the total is jaw-dropping. Before you decide that you have to spend too much or more than you would like to spend, you should do yourself a favor and at least consider direct cremation for yourself or your loved one.

What expenses do you eliminate when you choose direction cremation?

There are many ways in which you save when you choose this option including but not limited to:

  • Embalming
  • Cost of the casket
  • Cosmetic preparations
  • Staff and facility charges
  • Viewing fees
  • Church or funeral home fees
  • Burial plot
  • Grave opening costs
  • Grave closing costs
  • Vault liner costs
  • Headstone

As you can see, there are a lot of costs that you are paying when you choose a traditional burial that will quickly add up. Many people assume that to properly honor the dead that they have to have the best of everything. This is not the case. You can choose to go with direct cremation, and you’ll still be able to have a lovely memorial service. It is still possible to have a gathering of friends and family who will come together to remember the deceased and share positive memories.

Why affordable Cremation Services is more cost effective Than Burial

Currently, most of us are seeking to personalize our identity; body cremation thus offers a better option for this. After cremation, a celebration of life service can be conducted. Even though the days of keeping a loved one’s ashes safely in a mantelpiece or memorial garden still exist, they are fading in popularity. These days a lot of ash scattering techniques have emerged ranging from being blasted into the sky, conversion into fireworks and simply casting it to the wind. Cases of disputes between family members over where the bodies of loved ones will be buried are often minimal when it comes to cremation. This is because through the different keepsake urns a proportion of a loved one can be shared equally among family members. Most funeral homes offer crematory services which are normally regulated by the state agencies. It should be noted that cremation has not overtaken traditional funeral services; it is just another final disposition form. Services for funerals show the way different people live, share our grief and acknowledge the impact that the deceased had in our lives.

Since cremation services are just another form of final disposition, it entails filling forms such as the death certificate and all other required official documents. The number of people opting for cremation over burial is on the increase. This can be attributed to factors such as; the Increased cost of burial services and the ever expensive value of land. It can, therefore, be said that cremation is a much better option since it is affordable compared to a burial service, it is environment-friendly, and finally it saves space (storing the remains does not require much space).

Another advantage that comes as a result of cremation is flexibility. It offers flexibility regarding memorial service in that cremation can take place and then the burial service come at a later date or the burial service can take place during the time of cremation and at the local crematorium itself. Nowadays getting a whole family together for a burial service is not easy, it requires a lot of planning since most of them are preoccupied. However, through post-cremation services, a suitable time can be arranged making it simpler and affordable for the affected to carry on with the disposition.

A funeral service is really about remembering the deceased when they were happy and healthy. It is about the gathering of friends who can come together to share in their sorrow and even share happy stories and remembrances of the friend or family member that they have shared. When you choose direct cremation you are not doing away with a beautiful memorial service and the gathering of friends and loved ones; you are simply doing away with the expenses that, in the end, do not change the way that people come together or the benefits of such services for those that are grieving.

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