Direct Cremation Services

January 24, 2019

Death, either sudden or expected, is very shocking especially when it involves your loved ones. The funeral charges can be more surprising as it makes you wonder that dying is a loss not just emotionally but also financially. Thank God that Direct cremation services are available these days. With all the modern era facilities available nowadays, it is very sad to know that people still spend thousands of dollars on the traditional funeral services.

There is no harm in biding a farewell to your loved ones but always remember that there are many ways in which the money could be spent. Like, let’s say that you can spend it on a poor family and help them up or set a charity on the name of departed soul. Anyways, not everyone can afford a lavish death.

How much would be spent on the funeral events totally depends upon the organizer of the event

This statement is true even when the organizers opt out for the cremation as well. A wide population size believes that cremation services are cheaper so they go for them. Well, they are right. Still, there is a number of population that still have no idea about direct cremation services and how they are carried out. So it is clear common sense that they are also unaware of the fact that cremation costs much less than a normal funeral. Very cheap and affordable cremation services are present and they can help in reducing the ease of the stress that have been caused by the death of a dear friend or a close relative by removing a big financial burden off of the shoulders.

Introduction to Direct Cremation:

Direct cremation services are a very good and famous option that must be thought of. The idea is very simple, just the dead body is taken by the service providers for cremation just before the memorial service. Afterward, the family members and close friends can arrange their own kind of religious or personal celebration in order to pay tribute and honor to the deceased. Meanwhile, the ashes can be exhibited during the ceremony so that the departed soul is still thought to be present therebetween everyone for one last time.

At such hard times, money should not be made an issue to worry about when there is much bigger losses to cry on. Thereby, it is suggested that overcoming these situations is very important. So, you can always go for affordable cremation services near you.

What is Direct Cremation?

It is the disposition process in which the dead body is cremated in the following days of death just soon after the death, with or without a funeral service beforehand. It is one of the most cost-effective selections for disposition.

Basic Features Of Direct Cremation:

As the direct cremation services do not include any formal funeral or other prior events. It is a measure of simple death and its events. Keeping life and death simple. Thus, this step also reduces the heavy cost that you might have to face with the traditional funerals. Some are enlisted below:

  • As mentioned earlier, the corpses are cremated just after the painful event of death has occurred. This basically means that the family just have to get engaged only with the direct cremation service provider agencies and there would be no burden of funeral homes on them, saving a whole lot of money.
  • A very simple, cheap and plain container is used for cremation rather than an expensive casket.
  • There is no need of embalming and other formalities as there is no viewing or wake policies available.
  • Post memorial services can be held later on, saving again.