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April 05, 2018

The death of a family member often leaves heartache as well as other burdens. It’s a difficult time for families when deciding on the best option as to what they would like to do with their family member’s remains. When going with the choice of cremation, it could be an emotional subject that should be dealt with professionally and sensitively. At A Direct Cremation, they help lessen the burden by providing you with your family members remains faster and easier.

A Direct Cremation ensures a fast process for families dealing with this situation. They understand the importance and sensitivity of this subject and want to make it an easy and affordable experience for families.

About A Direct Cremation

A Direct Cremation delivers affordable cremation services with competitive pricing and professional guidance. No matter the time of day, their compassionate representatives are available to provide you with the caring information you need during this sensitive time.

There will never be any hidden costs or secrets involved.

Cremation is a sensitive process for families, and A Direct Cremation wants to simplify the terms by making it more affordable and easy for families to begin the cremation process. All initial paperwork is done online through email and/or fax. This process eliminates the unnecessarily high costs that the competitors charge.

The Decision of Cremation

Cremation is becoming more of a popular than that of the traditional funeral. When deciding on cremation, there are a few things to consider. There is not only the cost to consider but also the time in which you will receive the cremated remains. A Direct Cremation aims to be a fast delivering provider in the cremation industry.

The process of cremation does not need to be an expensive and slow one. Professionals understand the importance of getting the cremation done quickly and returning the remains in a timely manner.

Serving Northern California

A Direct Cremation is a crematorium that serves Northern California. There are currently two licensed facilities in San Mateo or San Joaquin County for which the cremation process will begin. Once the cremation is complete, the next of kin will be able to pick up the cremated remains from one of six locations.

Again, cremated remains may be able to be mailed to next of kin under certain circumstances along with an additional fee.

Additional fees may also apply if your loved one needs to be picked up from a nursing or rehabilitation home.

Ease of Process

A Direct Cremation offers a simple process for cremations. Once the process has taken place, there are six locations in which the cremated remains may be picked up. There are also some circumstances as to where the remains may be mailed to the next of kin.

Urns are available to be picked out and purchased online through the A Direct Cremation website, or a utility urn will be provided. The pricing is affordable for families that decide on cremation, considering the initial process and paperwork is done completely online.

A Direct Cremation takes pride in offering quick and reliable cremation services. On average, the cremated remains will be given back to the family within 5-8 days. They understand the importance of having your family member’s remains back in your care quickly and responsibly.

Unfortunately, there are terms and obligations in which are out of the control of the crematorium. The death certificate of your loved one needs to be completed and processed before the cremated remains can be returned. However, The representatives at A Direct Cremation use their time accordingly to provide a smooth process from start to finish, no matter the obstacles faced along the way.

When using A Direct Cremation, the cremated remains will be returned back within 5-8 days after the start of the cremation process, granted there are no hurdles to jump through along the way.

Trust The Professionals

This family-owned company, A Direct Cremation, provides support and ease of arrangements. When dealing with the death of a loved one, it’s important to choose a provider that you can put your trust into. A Direct Cremation has satisfied customers all over Northern California that have had a wonderful experience with the cremation process.

Cremation packages start at the low price of $698 and can be arranged in three simple steps. Everything can be done by the next of kin through online services. The representatives will then take over the care of your loved one and continue with the process.

Depending on where your family member is located at the time of death, may increase the cost by a small amount. The team at A Direct Cremation take care of your family member from start to finish and provide you with an easy experience. There is no need for extra stress during this sensitive time; trust the professionals at A Direct Cremation to provide the thoughtful care for your loved ones remains.

Receiving a simple and quick experience is important to families and A Direct Cremation wants to ensure you have an affordable and caring experience. They understand the need to have the cremated remains in your possession and want to make it the easiest process as possible.

By filling out paperwork online, the process is sped up and more cost-effective. Paperwork is able to be processed and the cremation begins soon after. The entire process lasts about a week before the remains of your loved ones are back in your care.

A Direct Cremation provides a professional cremation experience without the high cost. When you choose them to handle your family member’s cremation, you are putting your trust into a team of professionals that have been providing service for over 10 years. With the amount of professional and caring experience that A Direct Cremation provides, you can be sure that your family members will be taken care of respectfully with the cremated remains returned to you within 5-8 days.

This is a time-sensitive process that deserves only the best and most experienced professionals. At A Direct Cremation, you can be sure that your loved ones are in good care. They will provide you with an affordable cremation process and return the cremated remains within a very reasonable time. Easily begin the process of cremation at their online website and follow the simple steps. Trust the professional and caring staff at A Direct Cremation to provide you with a quick and affordable service while still giving you and your loved ones the respect that you deserve.

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