How much is cremation

April 24, 2018

Looking for an affordable cremation service provider within Northern California? A Direct Cremation is your best choice. It’s a family owned funeral home. We specialize in direct cremation with the intention of providing a simple, more dignified, and affordable way to honor a life well lived. We offer a simple, as well as an affordable alternative for traditional funeral home.

We are available 24/7 and our representatives are always available at any given time to offer you the required services to your satisfaction. With reference to the Cremation Research Council, the cost of a direct cremation averagely cost $1,100, but with A Direct Cremation, it is as little as $698, we can offer our services to you.

Direct Cremation is the least expensive option; it’s a simple and dignified way of preparing the final disposition of the deceased person. We care about you and that’s why we offer favorable and budget friendly cost for direct cremation. What makes this process simple and less expensive is the fact that traditional funeral service’s offer viewing of the body before cremation. We do not include this in our direct cremation package so there is no need to spend money on a casket or have your loved one’s body embalmed.

The services we offer as part of our package for cremation include:

Transportation of the body to our facility from the place of the passing.

We offer transportation of the body to our funeral home for all but if there is a need for an immediate transportation of the body from a nursing, residence facility or even from a location without proper refrigeration of the body then, additional fees will be charged.

Filling death certificate and permit for the purposes of cremation with the county/state’s health department where the deceased was at the time of their death.

Free obituary provided on our website.

Individual & dignified cremation.

Providing good shelter for your loved one; in a controlled climate area until cremation is done. Provide a standard cremation container.

Are you worrying about how much the cremation cost? Here are the major factors to that affects the cost of cremation, they include; the cost of transportation, storage of the body, and the actual cost of cremation. With as little as $698, we are able to provide our services through the cost may increase with consideration to other factors involved.

1. Transportation Costs

The cost incurred while transporting the body of the deceased person from where they passed away to your choice of crematory or funeral home, all affects the cremation cost. Other costs incurred may include; transportation cost to where the funeral will be held beside the funeral home, charges of mailing ashes to the where it’s required and transportation cost involved during memorial gathering thus following the cremation. All these factors affect the cost of transportation which in return affects the actual cost of cremation.</p?

2. Cost of storing the body.

The body is sheltered in refrigeration while at the crematory. The reasons for doing this may vary as some states as stated in their laws required a certain duration of time to pass before a body is cremated. During the waiting period, we may charge your family for refrigeration depending on the days spent.

Families may delay in decision making, waiting for other members and friends to arrive for their final farewell before cremation or waiting for a criminal investigation to be concluded if the death was questionable; as you wait, time and days continue to pass hence extra storage fee may be charged and all these will affect the actual cost of cremation process.


We value and consider our clients at their time of grief and that’s why we offer favorable and less expensive prices that are budget friendly. To see how much cremation cost, you can do your research on other cremation facilities to see how affordable our services are; with as low as $698; we can offer our services to you. We also provide additional packages to our services to help you reduce the cost involved in cremating and celebrating the life well-lived of your beloved one. We are available at all times of the day. Our representatives are always available to serve you.

Call us today and speak with one of our Arrangement Counselors who will answer any questions that you may have.

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