Losing a Loved One

August 15, 2019

Losing a loved one is never easy and is something that we all go through at one point or another. Most people will know that there are several stages and variations to grief. The hard truth is, you never truly get over moving a loved one, but you can learn to deal with it and become at peace with the events that have unfolded. Inevitably, life goes on without your loved one whether you want it to or not. Here are 5 stages to take after Losing a Loved One….

1. Acknowledge your pain

Many people try to be strong and don’t acknowledge the fact they are in pain. The first step is to allow yourself to express you emotions. Whether that be with friends, family or by yourself it is a key part in coping with losing loved one that has passed. Cry, even scream if you need to. Accept the feelings that are coming and going, this is especially important during the early stages when the loss is fresh and the emotions are like nothing you have ever experienced before.

2. Understand that grief is unique

People react to grief and loss in different ways so it is important to stay true to yourself and how you feel, regardless of what others say you should do or even how you should feel. For some people, it is normal not to show emotion right away as it is a shock to the system. In this case, time is key after losing a loved one. It is common after a loved one has passed, to feel as if they will walk through the door any second. Overall is no right way for mourning a loved one, be aware of how you and the people around you are feeling and take it one day at a time.

3. Talk to others

It is important to talk through your feelings after losing a loved one, either with family members or the many grief support groups that exist out there. You can go to a support group in person or even online if this makes you feel more comfortable. Sometimes it is good to vent your feelings of sadness, anger, and confusion towards the death you have experienced. You will meet people who are in the same situation as you and generally not feel so alone.

4. Reach out to a trusted Cremation Service

Though moving forward is inevitable, it will give you and your family the peace of mind knowing your lost loved one is in good hands. For instance, many cremation services outsource your loved one to be cremated. Whereas with ADirectCremation that is not the case. Being a family owned & operated cremation service, we understand the importance and value of the care of your loved one after passing. It is important to know that ADirectCremation own’s their crematory and your loved one will stay at there facility throughout the cremation process. At a low cremation cost of $698, you can insure your loved one is in good hands. Give us a call anytime at 1-877-938-0672 or visit our website at adirectcremation.com for further questions.

5. Give it time

Last but not least time is a great healer but unfortunately, time feels to pass so slowly when you are mourning a lost loved one. After losing a loved one, you cannot rush time but you can keep yourself as busy as possible in order to keep your mind as occupied as possible. Time will pass and slowly, day by day, you will feel that little stronger and more at peace with what has happened. Give ADirectCremation a call at 1-877-8972 for a cremation service at a low cost of $698.