Low Cost Cremation Services in the Bay Area

June 06, 2019

Everyone wants a dignified way to care for their loved ones or their own remains upon passing. At ADirectCremation, we understand that cost can be an issue. We offer low cost cremation services in the Bay Area, simple cremation package as a service to those who wish to stay within a specific budget. During a time of mourning, you have so many decisions to make, and often when it comes to funeral planning, the cost only adds to your distress. ADirectCremation is a family owned and operated company who offers an affordable solution for you. ADirectCremation has been a trusted company since being established in 2009, that offers low cost cremation services in the Bay Area. We offer simple yet low cost cremation services in the Bay Area that will give honor to the life of your loved one with dignity and grace. ADirectCremation has the experience, empathy, and professionalism to manage the full scope of after life care. With our family owned and operated crematorium, ADirectCremation is licensed and inspected by the California Department of Consumer Affairs-Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. We have been a trustworthy and dependable low cost cremation services for families for many years throughout the Bay Area.

If you would like to make arrangements for your own low cost cremation services in the Bay Area with ADirectCremation, we will be happy to discuss your wishes with you. Planning ahead can eliminate painful decisions for your family during a very stressful time. ADirectCremation’s low-cost, simple cremation program will save you money that you can use before your passing. ADirectCremation wants to help you make your cremation arrangements as compassionately and effortlessly as possible. Arrangements for our low-cost, simple cremations are made exclusively by fax and email.

You will undoubtedly be comforted in knowing that research has found that cremation is not as environmentally harmful as a full burial. You or your loved one can make one last gesture of environmental awareness with choosing ADirectCremation as a low cost cremation service. At ADirectCremation, you can be assured we have a No Hidden Fees.

ADirectCremation personnel are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. A phone call will bring us to your side to reverently monitor and prepare the deceased for a dignified low cost cremation services. Our low-cost, simple cremation package contains the following services: Transport of the decedent from the location of passing to our facility. (If immediate transportation is needed from a nursing facility, residence, or area without suitable refrigeration, additional fees will apply.) Filing of the death certificate and cremation permit with the appropriate county health department. Our crematory requires that your loved one is placed in a container for standard cremation. Protecting your loved one in a climate-controlled area while waiting for cremation. Dignified and personal cremation. The cost of the Cremation service starts at a low rate of $698. Call ADirectCremation today at 1-877-938-0672