PrePlanning for Cremation

October 23, 2019

Feel confident in knowing you have your future planned out. Preplanning for Cremation gives you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

As we age, we learn about different ways of planning for cremation and protecting our future. Health insurance, retirement planning, and education policies are some of the arrangements we make to ensure our desires and needs are met. However, there is another type of arrangement we need to include in our life plans, and that is preplanning for a send-off.

Without a doubt, death is one of the few events in life that are inevitable. Yet, it is still something many do not plan for. However, in the recent past, many people are realizing the benefits of preplanning for cremation and their send-off. One way of getting a send-off is through cremation, and there is a need for planning ahead on where you want to be cremated and all your funeral processes.

If you are still not yet decided on whether or not to preplan your cremation, here are a few benefits that come with cremation preplanning to convince you;

Takes Away the Heartache From Family

Your family and loved ones will be going through a grief-stricken period, and it is important that they do not take hasty financial decisions and plans under such duress. Make things clear from the start on your wishes to be cremated and where you would like to be cremated. You can also leave your wishes on where you want the ashes to be taken. Make these tough decisions for them early enough, since they might not be tough for you when that time comes.

Saves Money

Like anything else, funeral and cremation costs keep rising. When you preplan for your cremation with Adirectcremation, you lock in the price you pay today and avoid having to pay in future at a higher cost.

Although cremations are more economical than traditional burials, you can still save even more by paying for your cremation today. When you work with Adirectcremation, we place your funds in a trust account, where the money will stay until the day of your cremation.

Get Quality Services and Value for Your Money, Rather Than Getting Rushed

Since you are planning ahead, you will have more time to plan on the best cremation service in your area. You can shop around to see the most affordable and one that provides desirable services.

Have Peace of Mind That Your Wishes Will Be Honored

Without preplanning or a detailed will, your wishes may not be honored as you had hoped. By working with us to preplan your cremation, you will be able to make choices and take control over what to be done and what shouldn’t be done during your send-off. You can make decisions on virtually all your final arrangements, which means your loved ones will not need to make any major decision during their time of grief.

Keep Your Family and Loved Ones From Going Through What You Have Gone Through

Most likely, you will have dealt with the grief of losing a loved one, and thus you know the hectic nature of planning for their funeral and burial/cremation during that time. After a loved one dies, it is always a stressful time to make sober decisions. Since you have an opportunity to mitigate such kind of stress before it arrives, why not plan ahead on how and where you would want to be cremated? Your loved ones will thank you for that.

Bottom Line

Cremation preplanning not only saves your family the heartache of making decisions for you but also save money since the current price will still apply in future, irrespective of whether or not the price of cremation services will have increased.

The benefits of preplanning your cremation are many, but in the end, it is a warm gift and a message to your loved ones that you cared enough about them to relieve them of burdens that come with funeral and cremation arrangements.