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Managing the death of a loved one is never an easy task. The experience can be very painful and you may be faced with different kinds of difficult emotions and you may feel that the experience will never let go. These reactions are only normal after the loss of a dear one. At A Direct Cremation, we understand how difficult coping with grief can be. We can help. Our grief support program for families in Mount Hermon, Brookdale, Opal Cliffs, Zayante, and Pasatiempo in Northern California is designed to provide care and support to you and your family at your time of need.

Cremation is increasingly gaining nationwide acceptance today. Many families prefer it as a final disposition method for their loved ones especially because of its simplicity, affordability, and flexibility. It is also an environmentally friendly funeral service choice because embalming chemicals that are dangerous to the environment are not used. For this reason, individuals who are concerned about the future survival of the environment now prefer cremation as a viable alternative for their loved ones.

At A Direct Cremation, we have a variety of options for families in Mount Hermon, Brookdale, Opal Cliffs, Zayante, and Pasatiempo to choose from. We understand that the needs of each family vary according to their custom, faith, and family style. For this reason, our cremation service is tailored down in such a way that the needs of every family in Northern California are taken care of. We also realize that tough economic conditions may affect the budget of each family when they need to honor their loved one. Our low cost cremation service is one of the cheapest in Northern California – we were founded to take care of your needs, however difficult they may feel.

Is your schedule usually very tight? Do not worry. We are a 24-hour service in Northern California. It is our goal to ensure your loved one is laid under the best possible, dignifying conditions. Hence, we are always available to attend to your needs at your convenience. Our cremation experts will also be readily available even if your needs are immediate. Feel free to learn more about cremation and our service at We will love to hear from you at your convenient time.

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