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Cremation is now a preferred choice for many people today. Its simplicity and convenience allow families make plans that are well suited to their needs. Losing a loved one in death can be a painful and challenging period for anyone; hence, there is a need for a funeral service that allows families to conveniently make plans while respecting the life of their loved one. A Direct Cremation has been serving families in Northern California for over 10 years – with a goal to ensure your loved one is laid to rest under the best conditions possible.

In serving families in Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Danville, Pittsburg, and Brentwood, we strive to provide top quality cremation services to ensure you and your family does not feel the stress of the funeral service as it should otherwise have been. It is our belief that your loved one should be cared for under the best possible conditions. For this reason, we own and manage our own funeral home, crematory, and facilities required to provide complete care for your loved one.

At A Direct Cremation, we also realize the uniqueness of each family and by making personalized cremation services available along with a simple and straightforward pricing system; we have become an outstanding cremation service. Whatever your needs are – a religiously themed service, one laced with traditional rites, or specific personal wishes – we are your go-to service in North California. Our goal is to ensure the transition is as easy and smooth as possible while the life of your loved one is celebrated and dignified. We recognize that your loved one has left pleasant memories behind, and should be laid to rest in the most fitting manner.

We provide cremation services for families in Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Danville, Pittsburg, and Brentwood in Northern California. We are available 24 hours daily including weekends and holidays. When you contact us, you can rest assured of compassionate, dignified, and professional funeral service for your loved one. Feel free to go through our cremation packages and learn more at so you can easily make your decisions from the comfort of your home. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about cremation. We are always available by phone or e-mail at any time of the day.

Are you in need of an understanding individual you can talk to? Are you in search of a cremation service you can trust? A Direct Cremation is always here to help. We make it really easy for you to find answers to any concerns you may have. Ask our cremation experts anytime.

Call us today and speak with one of our Arrangement Counselors who will answer any questions that you may have.

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