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Cremation Services:

Cremation is an increasingly sensible choice for many today. It provides you and your family with a variety of options to commemorate the well lived life of your loved one. More and more people now prefer it as a final disposition method especially and many factors inform this decision – from convenience to claustrophobia and cost, cremation is a trend for many unique reasons.

A Direct Cremation has been a key provider of cremation services in Northern California – we pride ourselves in helping our families in Patterson, Hughson, Newman, Waterford, and Crows Landing to go through the transition and healing process as seamlessly as possible after the loss of their loved one – we can help you too. We are a locally owned and managed cremation service provider serving families with various concerns and needs across Northern California.

In our quest to satisfy the unique needs of different families, our cremation service has been structured in a way that your religious inclinations, traditions, and style are well taken care of. Our cremation experts at A Direct Cremation listen to your suggestions, wishes, and needs; we respect them and strive to tailor the funeral arrangements to suit these needs. We also understand that you may be on a budget – and it is your desire to care for your loved one in the best way possible. Our cremation package is designed to suit your budget as we believe you should not spend too much on funeral arrangements.

Cremation Services:

While it is normal to have unique needs and wishes, you may find it confusing to choose the best cremation provider in Northern California. With many providers out there, understanding what you are getting while making your selection is important. At A Direct Cremation, we believe you should select a cremation service provider that owns and manages its own funeral home and crematory. In order to ensure the professional care and management of your loved one, this is only an ideal step. This is why A Direct Cremation stands out as the top cremation service in Patterson, Hughson, Newman, Waterford, and Crows Landing.

We are available at any time of your convenience – even during weekends and public holidays. Feel free to contact us at any time. You can also learn more about cremation, about our service, and pick a cremation package that suits your need at We believe that the trust you have in our service is sacred – we value it and you can rest assured of top quality service when you contact us.

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