The Average cost of cremation

January 20, 2019

Why should you provide proper cremation to your loved ones?

Parting from our loved ones is not easy but indeed it is one of the toughest realities to accept in life. Being a human being, we tend to take everything for granted and only realize their importance once we have lost them sometimes temporarily and most of the times permanently. We can not stop a departing soul but we can make their next life easier for them by providing them with a graceful and decent farewell from this world. Bidding goodbye to loved ones would comfort their souls to rest in peace. This can be done by using an average to good quality cremation for their funeral. The average costs of cremations vary from place to place.

What factors have an impact on the cost of cremation?

Usually the average cost of cremation depends upon various factors and you need to keep them in mind before you decide which cremation you should buy for your loved ones as it may seem a very easy task but it is the main essence of the funerals, therefore, pay your full attention whenever you have to look for the cremations.

Here are enlisted a few factors that may affect the average cost of cremation:

A. the geographical location
B. the type of cremation service that the family decides to choose
C. The price of casket or any sort of alternative container
D. The cost of cremation urn
E. the way you wish to dispose of the ashes.

Hence, you can say that there is no golden rule for defining the exact cost of cremation.

Plus points of cremation includes that cremations are usually way cheaper than the traditional burials. The usual cost starts from around $600–700. But still, people decide to spend a thousand dollars on cremation and funeral services that they give to their loved ones as it is a measure of their love and regard for the lost ones. Usually, the funeral homes also have the facilities of direct cremation services.

Advantages of using an average cost cremation:

Cremations are the least expensive method for funerals, honestly because they are the simplest yet noble way to conveniently prepare for the final disposal of the remains of the dead.

The average cost of cremation:

The average cost of a direct cremation is $1,100, as suggested by the Cremation Research Council. Also, this process is time-saving as well as it does not involve the traditional practice of viewing the dead body of the departed soul. Subsequently, the family gets to save some money that they would spend on the casket and embalming of the dead body.

All that one needs to do is to search and find a substitute container in which you can transfer the dead body and make the measures in order to get the body cremated (just in a small span of time). The main event of the funeral gets finished quickly giving you more time to hold a memorial service just after the main event of cremation is finished.

Although the cremation is definitely not a substitute for the funeral so afterward you can always plan an elegant funeral arrangement as per your requirements in order to pay tribute and respect to your deceased ones and seeing them for the last time in physical presence.

Alternative approaches:

If you are not a fan of big events or you want to stick to a tight budget then, you always have the option of hiring a memorial society or any low-cost cremation provider companies and rent a reasonable casket instead of buying an expensive one. Keep in mind to ask your cremation service provider to let you know that do their service charges include the funeral house’s service fee, cost of picking up the corpse, and keeping it temporarily in a refrigerator until the cremation of the dead has been done.

Insights of the cremation services:

There are many cremation service providers that charge a handsome amount for the witnessing services that they also provide, usually optional. With this service, the relatives and loved ones of the dead are allowed to witness the cremation or even start the cremation by just pressing a button connected to the equipment. Moreover, the funeral homes usually lack their own crematoriums, thereby the families have to pay for the transferring of the corpse from the funeral homes to the crematorium service providers. Additionally, there are surplus costs including the municipal registration cost, Coroner’s certificate etc.

The Federal Trade Commission has passed new rule in the favour of the customers. According to these new amendments the cremation service providers and the funeral service providers need to provide a General Price List to their respective clients that should include detailed information about the service that they provide. New trends include preplanning your own funeral and cremations, it might sound awkward right now but logically this practical approach gives you variety of options and reduces burden on your loved ones to deal with a sad but bitter truth of nature.

Disposing of the Remains:

Once the cremation has been done, there are various ways to dispose off the ashes either by scattering on the land or from the air.

People, depending upon their religious and personal beliefs, also choose to float away their ashes in water or they might go for the burial in ground options. A biodegradable urn can be bought for this purpose. Again for further disposal, finances remain the main question as the option of scattering in water sounds good but keep in mind that it also includes the cost of yacht services. Also, if you want to scatter them via air then there will be extra cost of a private plane.

Most of the times, this task is done by professionals who also provide a certificate that at what place and at what time the remains were scattered.

Thus, this procedure may cost more or less $250 or even more for further disposal.

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