What I Can Do with my Loved Ones Cremated Remains

February 14, 2018

A large number of us in the world today are opting to live life outside the box and a fair share are opting to exit the world in the same style by opting for cremation over coffins. Cremation is becoming increasingly popular due to its less cost and the option of family members making customized memorial arrangements from the cremated remains. If you or a member of your family has opted to be cremated upon demise, you have to consider the next course of action of what to do with the cremated remains. Here are some great ideas you can pick if you are wondering what can be done:

Legal Requirements for Scattering Cremains

Before you decide to scatter the remains of your loved one, you should research on the various local, federal and state laws that come into play. You should find out the laws that govern the location that you plan to scatter the remains of your loved one in advance to avoid legal or compliance issues. If the location is privately owned, you should seek the permission of the owner first.

If you wish to scatter the remains of your beloved in the ocean, you have to be a minimum of 500 yards from shore. You will also need to provide information regarding the deceased’s identity, date of scattering, the exact location in terms of latitude and longitude, name of the vessel, the point of departure and the person who will be responsible for the whole arrangement. When scattering of cremains on land, you should research the stringent requirements put in place by the state you are in to avoid legal issues in the future.

Finding a Suitable Location to Scatter

The location you choose to scatter the cremated remains of your loved one depends on a number of factors. You can opt to do it in your own land or in a beautiful place that held a special place in the heart of the deceased person. Most families opt for areas that proffer a natural grandeur like national forests, at sea or scenic areas. Beautiful locations are mostly chosen as they bring comfort to all the parties involved. These locations also offer a therapeutic emotional experience to the people involved in the ash scattering ceremony. If you are considering a beautiful location to scatter the remains of your loved ones, you can try the deceased’s beloved garden, a hill with a pleasant view, beaches, meadows, national parks or a mountaintop.

Other Great Ways of Storing Cremation Ashes

If you do not wish to scatter the cremated remains of your loved one, you can opt to store them. You can get a cremation urn and store the remains in your home. You can also bury/inter the remains in a sacred place like a columbarium or cemetery in accordance with the directive issued by the Vatican to Catholics. The statement from the Vatican reminded Catholics that they ought to store the remains of their cremated loved ones in sacred places. You could think of planting a tree using their remains. There are a number of companies that offer the “living urns” services where the remains of your loved one are mixed with nutrients and used to grow a plant or tree. If you are into tattoos, you can mix the remains with the ink and use the same to come up with a memorial tattoo that you will live with until you die. You could also consider taking the remains to a company that will make a memorial reef out of them as well as creating diamonds, vinyl records or cremation hourglasses.


Losing a loved one is one gut-wrenching experience and it is difficult to decide what to do in order to honor their wishes or remember them. If you are wondering what I can do with cremated remains, you have all the above ideas to consider. You should take your time and absorb the shock of losing a loved one and then pick a unique idea that will help you remember them.