What is a Cremation Urn?

June 03, 2021

Cremation Urn

As suggested by the name, a cremation urn, also known as a funeral urn, is a container that holds the loved one’s cremated remains. Urns are made of different materials, including ceramic, metal, wood, or plastic. People can use them for various purposes, such as keeping the cremated remains at home as a memorial for a loved one, placing the ashes in a columbarium, or scattering them.

In North America, there were fewer occurrences of cremation before the seventeenth century. The official cremation services in the USA began in 1876 after the first crematory in Washington was built. By 2023, the projected rate of cremation in the US alone will be around 59.4%. This rate will also help with the growth of the cremation urn industry. With the rise in the number of cremations yearly, types of urns have evolved to accommodate people with diverse needs. Many people choose creative ways to memorialize their loved ones with urns that genuinely reflect the deceased's personality.

Types of Urns

1. Personalized Cremation Urns

If you are looking for a unique cremation urn, you may select something, like a teddy bear with a storage compartment for remains or an hourglass that holds the cremains of your loved one. Despite the numerous options available in the market, having an urn customized to reflect the personality of your deceased beloved can be a fitting choice.

2. Companion Cremation Urns

Companion urns have a larger size and a divider, specially designed to hold the ashes of two people. These urns are generally used for couples.
Companion urn is a way for a surviving partner to plan his own storage of cremains in the future using the same urn.
Knowing that they will be united with their beloved, will bring peace to the mind of the grieving partner.

3. Keepsake Cremation Urns

Keepsake urns are comparatively more miniature than average-sized cremation urns. These Urns are structured to carry a small quantity of cremated remains. One can almost store any tiny memento in these little urns. People primarily use these miniature urns to share a small portion of the cremated ashes among family members to memorialize their deceased beloved as they see fit in their ways.

4. Religious Cremation Urns

When a family loses one of its members, they experience many emotions, such as sadness, regret, anger, and anxiety. For most people, their religious beliefs can be a source of comfort in these challenging times. From Jewish to Catholic religious urns, these containers are designed to honor the faith of the departed loved one in an inspirational way and provide satisfaction to the family members.

5. Military Cremation Urns

Using Military urns is a way to pay tributes to army personnel who were retired or in the service. These veteran remembrances not only store the cremated remains of a loved one but also display a medallion or flag and can become a moving part of any memorial display to express the true patriotic spirit of the deceased. Besides honoring the memory of our beloved heroes in the present time, these beautiful vessels can be passed onto future generations as valuable heirlooms.

6. Eco-Friendly Cremation Urns

Biodegradable urns are considered environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional urns since they don't leave behind permanent materials. These urns are made from ecological materials such as recycled paper, compacted peat, wool fiber, coconut shells, and related materials. Biodegradable urns come in different designs that are suitable for burial, display, and scattering. Some urns may also have seeds embedded in them that grow into a tree, plant, or flower after decomposing. For instance, Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn especially made to help grow a lovely, enduring memory tree with the ashes of your cremated loved one. Their set comes with all the essential components and an instruction guide to grow a tree.

7. 3D Printed Urns

3D printed cremation urns offer great versatility and a wide range of personalization opportunities to express a loved one's legacy in a unique way. These urns are three-dimensional sculptures created by combining a few photographs using 3D imaging methods that capture the most delicate details. Foreverence is a custom urn company based in Maple Grove, MN, that manufactures custom-designed 3D cremation urns representing the deceased's life story.

How to Choose an Urn?

how to choose a urn

1. Decide on the Final Placement of the Ashes

Families should contemplate how they want to memorialize their departed beloved before selecting an urn. Determining whether you need an urn for burying ashes, scattering them, or placing them in a columbarium is an essential factor when choosing an urn. To honor a departed loved one, you must select an option that offers the most dignified end-of-life send-off.

2. Choosing the Right Urn

While selecting a cremation urn, considering its interior dimensions is as vital as noting its exterior dimensions. A standard urn has an internal capacity of around 200 cubic inches and holds the cremains of a person weighing 200 pounds. So, knowing the weight of the departed will narrow down the choice of urns that are suitable for your deceased loved one.

Standard volumes of cremation urns are:

  • Single cremation urns can carry up to 250 cubic inches of cremains.
  • Companion urns can store from 350 to 500 cubic inches of cremated remains.
  • Infant urns can contain from 12 to 80 cubic inches of cremains.
  • Keepsake urns can hold 1 to 6 cubic inches of ashes.

The exterior dimensions may be vital, depending on where you intend to keep your departed loved one's cremains. If you want to place an urn into a columbarium, you need to make sure that the exterior dimensions of the urn will fit into the columbarium niche. And, if you are looking for an urn that you can keep on a shelf or mantle in your home, it is essential to select a size that can easily be placed in that memorial space.

3. Estimate the Budget

The cost of each urn varies depending on its design, material, and quality—the prices for high-quality adult urns range from $75 to about $350, keepsake urns cost about $25 to $60, and companion urns could cost about $350 to $600. Other types of urns, such as burial, scattering, infant, and pet urns, range from $40 to $200 depending on size, material, decorations, and personalization.

4. Make it Meaningful

After choosing an urn, you can have personal messages or quotes engraved on your urn to commemorate your lost loved one. Urns are available in many themes from which you can select one that suits your departed loved one's personality.

Buying a Cremation Urn as a Pre-need Plan

Did you know you can buy an urn before the need for it arises? This option works conjointly with pre-planning cremation. If you're pre-planning for yourself, you can pick out the urn of your choice while assisting your family in avoiding the pressure of an additional decision and commodity on their to-do list for organizing the funeral. If it is for a family member, obtaining the urn in advance lets them participate in the selection process and saves you from worrying about making an important decision in the stressful times after they pass away.

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