You Need to Know About Cremation Urns and Jewelry

February 23, 2018

Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to dealing with the cremains of a departed family member. This is because it is more flexible, affordable, and simple especially when compared to traditional burials. To keep the memory of your loved one fresh in your mind and with you always, you can take advantage of cremation urns and cremation jewelry.

With a cremation urn, you can keep the cremains of your loved one in your home for display and remembrance. You, therefore, need a presentable urn that can go together with your home’s décor and personal sense of style. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of cremation urns, who give you a wide range of unique and beautiful urns that you can choose from.

Urns differ significantly in the material used to make them and in design. The most popular urns are made from either ceramic, marble, wood, brass or even some biodegradable materials. While the most popular shape is still the vase-like shape, nowadays you can find some made in the shape of a box and other variations of the urn shape. The exterior can also be decorated by painting or by incorporation of intricate designs. When choosing an urn, look for one that is aesthetically pleasing to you and also one that is durable and affordable.

An even better way of keeping the memories of your loved one close is by using cremation jewelry. These can be made in many different ways depending on your preference and budget. One of the ways is by incorporating a small portion of the cremains in the jewelry itself, mostly the glass jewelry. The second way is to have jewelry made that has a space for the cremains. For example, a pendant can have a way of opening and putting some cremains and then closing.

You also have a lot of freedom when it comes to selecting cremation jewelry. When it comes to the material, you can choose gold, brass or silver jewelry. When it comes to the type of jewelry, you can choose to have a necklace, locket, pendant, bracelet or even a ring. Within each type, the choices for design are limitless. From heart shapes to crosses to animal shapes, it all depends on your preference. The good thing about cremation jewelry is that you have the choice of customization. You can make a personalized order of the type and design of the jewelry you want, the one that has the most meaning to you. You can even choose to add some words on the jewelry so that it will always remind you of your special relationship with the deceased.

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